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Jul 16
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By Bill Hutchinson
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my Beth Bennett/Pool via Getty Images
WATCH Accused Parkland killer wants to give inheritance to victims: Attorney
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The alleged gunman in the Valentine's Day massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida wants to give any inheritance due him from his late mother's estate to the victims' families or an organization that will help the community heal, his attorneys said Wednesday.

Nikolas Cruz, 19, appeared at a hearing in Broward County Circuit Court in Fort Lauderdale to determine whether he is truly indigent or if he stands to collect up to $800,000 from his late mother's estate and various other financial accounts in his name.

It was previously determined that Cruz could not afford his own attorney and the Broward County Public Defender's Office was appointed to represent him. Judge Elizabeth Scherer is attempting to determine if the public defender's office should be dismissed from representing Cruz if he has the means to afford a private attorney.

Accumulation of R-loops and DSBs followed by activation of DDR pathways revealed that DSB repair by HR and NHEJ is triggered in normal dividing cells upon inducing SMN deficiency. Acute SMN-deficiency caused a small decease (∼13%) in DNA-PKcs transcript levels that did not affect the DNA-PKcs protein levels and the DNA-PKcs was phosphorylated, suggesting activation of the NHEJ pathway for DNA repair is triggered by SMN-deficiency. Interestingly, chronic low levels of SMN in patient dividing cells caused ∼35% decrease in DNA-PKcs transcripts and marked reduction (∼70%) in total DNA-PKcs protein levels resulting in the loss of activated phospho-DNA-PKcs and impairment of the NHEJ pathway in SMA. It is established that SMN-deficiency causes defects in the pre-mRNA splicing of genes with large number of introns ( 10 ), and the human PRKDC (DNA-PKcs) gene is very long ∼187 kb and the mouse Prkdc gene is ∼250 kb long and contains 86 exons ( 71 ). Alternative splicing of the DNA-PKcs gene is reported in cancer ( 72 , 73 ). Therefore, it is likely that the defects in pre-mRNA splicing of the DNA-PKcs gene might also contribute to DNA-PKcs protein deficiency in SMA cells. Rescue of DNA-PKcs levels by restoration of SMN levels in patient cells and SMA neurons suggests that SMN is critical for maintaining normal levels of DNA-PKcs. NHEJ-mediated DSB repair is dependent on DNA-PKcs activity. Neurons and other post-mitotic cells predominantly use NHEJ for DNA repair ( 18 ). DNA-PKcs deficiency and reduced DNA repair activity by NHEJ is reported in the brain tissue of Alzheimer’s disease patients ( 74 ). Because DNA-PKcs is required for NHEJ-mediated DNA repair in neurons and plays a critical role in maintaining genome integrity in neurons ( 75 ), our data suggest that DNA damage caused by SETX deficiency gradually increases due to inefficient NHEJ-mediated DNA repair in neurons, leading to genome instability that may contribute to predominant neuron degeneration in SMA.

In addition to neurodegeneration, DNA-PKcs deficiency may contribute to immune system defects in SMA. Mutations in DNA-PKcs that results in the loss of its activity or genetic inactivation of the Prkdc gene cause severe combined immune deficiency( 76 ). Defects in immune system are reported in SMA, including abnormalities in spleen and pulmonary infection such as pneumonia, which are common in SMA patients ( 77 ). These findings call for further investigation of immune complications in SMA and provide basis for pre-emptive elimination of potential risk of infection in SMA patients, which would be extremely important for the success of ongoing and future clinical trials.

In this study, we have uncovered that the low levels of SMN disrupt colocalization of SETX with SMN in sub-nuclear bodies and causes downregulation of SETX levels in patient cells, SMA mice neurons and spinal cord tissues from SMA mice and patients. SETX-deficiency leads to generation of excessive amounts of unresolved R-loops. Accumulation of R-loops is one of the major causes of genomic instability ( 34 ), which results in DNA damage, particularly DSBs and activation of DDR pathways. In dividing cells, HR and NHEJ mechanisms repair DSBs, but neurons predominantly use NHEJ that is dependent on DNA-PKcs activity ( 17 , 78 ). Further, we uncovered that chronic low levels of SMN is also a cause of DNA-PKcs deficiency in SMA mice, patient cells and spinal cords tissues suggesting that DSB repair may be insufficient due to impaired NHEJ-mediated DNA repair in patient cells and SMA neurons. However, activation of ATM/BRCA1 in patient cells, suggests that HR may repair the majority of DSBs in dividing cells. In SMA neurons, deregulation of p-ATM and p-BRCA1 levels indicate non-active HR, which is consistent with the experimental evidences that DSB repair by HR pathway may exclusively occur in dividing cells ( 40 ), suggesting HR may not contribute to DSB repair in neurons. Therefore, neurons may primarily rely on DSB repair by NHEJ. Thus, deficiency of DNA-PKcs may cause defects in NHEJ-mediated DSB repair and result in gradual increase in DNA damage accumulation in neurons leading to genomic instability and neurodegeneration in SMA. The mechanism of neurodegeneration caused by chronic low levels of SMN in SMA is presented as a graphical summary in Figure 8 . Rescue of SETX and DNA-PKcs deficiency, DNA damage and neurodegeneration by restoring SMN levels suggests that normal levels of SMN are required for optimal levels of SETX and DNA-PKcs. Furthermore, overexpression of only SETX rescues DNA damage by reducing R-loop accumulation and degeneration of SMA neurons, supporting the idea that SETX deficiency stemming downstream of the low levels of SMN may be central to causing DNA damage phenotype in SMA. Together, these findings identify SETX as a new potential therapeutic target for the treatment of SMA.

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